The bride and groom are the focal points of the ceremony and reception, and their happiness is ultimately what matters most. Florists, bridal photography stores, caterers, stationery designers, photographers, and anybody else you consult throughout wedding preparation will all stress the importance of getting every detail just right. Do you want to work with people as enthusiastic as you are about the details of their wedding—the flowers, the food, and especially the dress? I’m not saying you shouldn’t have any of these, and I certainly don’t think you should skip the wedding photoshoots, but do you think it’s more crucial than the rest?


Many of the engaged couples I know and hear about either have no money left over for a photographer or are having to cut corners somewhere else because they can’t find one they like for their upcoming wedding. Photographs aren’t a priority for these twosomes.

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Why is it crucial to choose a professional
wedding photographer?

Do you feel like the photographs from your wedding are the most significant part of the day? Not at all, but it should be near the top of your list of considerations while making arrangements for your big day.

Photography during a wedding is crucial because it records the events of the day, preserves the memories of the couple, and tells a story—and not just any story, but the beautiful story of their wedding day. Something you can share with your loved ones forever; a tale to tell your children and grandchildren.

I’m not trying to be gloomy and miserable by pointing out that your flowers will die, your cake will be devoured in no time, your invites will be thrown away, your dress will be worn only once, and your shoes will go back in their box. Instead, I’m trying to help you put things in perspective and prioritize your budget in ways you might not have considered before, like your pre-wedding photography.

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The couples I mentioned before are the ones who don’t prioritize wedding photography in Mumbai, and as a result, they end up with nothing to show for their big day. The problem is, these are things and stuff that will be there on your special day, things that you and your guests will notice. For example, if you visit a florist, they will design a stunning bouquet for you, and your cake maker will bake you a delicious and visually stunning cake. But the greatest wedding photographers in Mumbai will remain unseen by either you or your guests the entire time they are there.

Keep in mind that you only have one chance to get great wedding photos and that once the big day is over, the pictures are all that will remain. For this reason, it’s important to invest in the best wedding photographer in Mumbai you can afford. The decision to spend money on professional wedding photography for pre-wedding photoshoots is one you will be happy you made when you can look back on your album and relive all the happy memories from your big day.

Best Pre-Wedding Photoshoot & Bridal Photography

Unique moments, the ability to relive the day through gorgeous images, smiling at times you didn’t even know happened, witnessing the joy and love of your loved ones, and, most importantly, having a tale that you shall have with you forever. These are what wedding photography is all about.

Just how crucial do you think wedding photography is? Our team of professional photographers in Mumbai is here to help you in capturing the best moments and highlights of your dream wedding. Contact us to schedule an appointment and we are ready to answer all your queries. 

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