Best Street Fashion Photography in Mumbai

Whether you call it street fashion photography, urban fashion photography, street style photography, or something else, if you like fashion, you have probably seen pictures like these before.

It’s a great way to show what a city is like, and the best part is that it’s real. On a runway, a model might wear an Ikea bag and a big fruit-shaped hat, but you would never see them walking down the street like that. Taking pictures on the street for fashion or ad campaigns is a big challenge and responsibility. It means picking models, places, lights, and times that work with the kind of photography we want to do.

street fashion photography

Anoushka Ghosh is one of the best service providers of street fashion photography in Mumbai. We set out to combine street and fashion photography to create candid, urban pictures outside, in the sunlight, and without any posing. We planned on having a little conversation and snack with them, sharing secrets and confidences, to get to know them better before we started filming, even if the goal was to demonstrate fashion accessories for an advertising campaign.

Let’s understand what street fashion photography is.

What Is Street Fashion Photography?

When it comes to street fashion photography, or street style photography as it’s often called, the focus is firmly on what people are wearing and how they’re wearing it in the world. Originally a subgenre of street photography, street fashion photography focused on documenting individuals in their natural environments while drawing attention to the subject’s sense of style.

Later, street style started paying greater attention to the clothes worn by the fashion set during key events like fashion weeks.

Due to the subjects’ growing awareness of the camera’s gaze, street-style photography has shifted from a more candid to a more staged approach as people dress up to attract the attention of photographers. Indeed, staged.

Suppose you’re interested in shooting street fashion photography in Mumbai. In that case, you’ll need to determine whether you want to concentrate on candid photographs of actual people on the streets or on more planned photoshoots that take place outdoors, giving the appearance of occurring in ordinary life.

street fashion photography

For Whom is street fashion photography suitable?

At, we have designed are ideal for fashion influencers, models, actresses, fashion brands, clothing stores, jewellery and watch designers, and even businesses or brands that want to run marketing campaigns or generate photographic content for a variety of promotional purposes. Since street fashion photography in Mumbai strongly focuses on branding, the models, venues, and things used in a session are all quite important.

How to Get Beautiful Pics of Street Fashion

Photographers can learn a few things about this style from the following:

1. Try different things. Taking pictures from a low angle can lead to some very interesting pictures. A low angle is sometimes good for the model because it makes her look more like a statue. And it makes great portraits, of course.

2. If you’re new to photography, it’s best to stick with the settings that have been tried and tested. Blurring is an easy way to ruin a good shot. With more experience, you can start playing around with shutter speed and aperture. Just make sure to do this ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

3. During the shoot, use props to keep the model’s face natural and her body at ease. This could be a book, a magazine, a handkerchief, a purse, a pair of glasses, a newspaper, a coffee mug, or a fruit net. So, while doing Street Fashion Photography in Mumbai, you can keep the model’s hands busy when you need to and have more poses.

4. Don’t forget to think about the light. Don’t shoot against the light if you are just starting. Because of this, the photos will be darker, and the model will look a few years older. The model should be working in front of a warm natural light source. You can start to play around with the light as time goes on.

Final Words

In the business world of today, creativity is king. How business and social media work has changed because of social media models and people with many followers. There are a lot of pictures of women and men wearing designer clothes, jewellery, handbags, shoes, and other accessories in print and digital media. That’s where the importance of Street Fashion Photography in Mumbai comes in. People used to walk and pose in different dresses as models, but those days were over. Today, it’s important to be different and creative.

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